Server monitoring is included in all our cloud solutions as an overall part of the solution, but we also offer server monitoring of your on-premise servers

With our server monitoring you will be notified if parts of your IT infrastructure does not function with the optimum level or have an increased resource use.

Be notified by SMS or e-mail if there are operational irregularities or systems have crashed.
A small client on your server(s) handles the communication with our monitoring system meaning that the server is constantly monitored.

It is up to you how much you want monitored in addition to the standard setup. We typically monitor:

  • Windows services.
  • Disk space.
  • Performance (CPU, RAM, Disk).
  • Port monitoring, website monitoring, ping monitoring.
  • Monitoring file sizes.

We offer two kinds of server monitoring:

  • Proactive.
  • Passive.


With the proactive server monitoring our monitoring system will monitor your servers in the period of time, you need. In the case of an alarm, the monitoring system will react in accordance with the agreed procedures, e.g. our servicedesk will call you and tell you about the error and we take care of making the service function again, or it could be agreed that our servicedesk restarts the service.
Proactive monitoring is always included in our cloud solutions.


With the passive server monitoring our monitoing system will monitor your servers within the period of time, you need. In the case of an alarm, you will receive the alarm by SMS/e-mail and hereafter you can contact the servicedesk if you need help.