Social project management is the base for successfull Social Business. IBM SmartCloud/Connections with the third party application ProjExec from Trilog Group helps organize your coorperation on projects with real time coordination and resource allocation. With social project management you accelerate your projects by getting dedicated project members, you increase sharing of information between the members and you make it easy to work across the company’s social network


Project Dashboard

Get an overview of the project on the Project dashboard.

  • See all communication in the ”project stream”
  • See the overall status of the project
  • Manage the project tasks directly from the sidebar
  • Navigate easily with Gantt diagrams, shared calender and to the individual modules (Issue management, change management, reporting etc.)





Social Gantt

  • Communicate about individual tasks directly from the Gantt diagram
  • Filter tasks etc.
  • Work with shared files directly from the Gantt diagram
  • Assemble all your projects in a Gantt diagram and work on several projects at the same time
  • Use templates and import/export to MS Project
  • Tasks in the Gantt diagram will be pushed out to the responsible person immediately

Portfolio management and Dashboard

The portfolio dashboards gives you an overview of all project portfolios and the possibility to interact directly with the project managers and setup a variety of portfolio alarms on tasks and projects.

Work directly from the portfolio dashboard on the tasks that need attention.

Work with resource allocation across projects and manage your scarce resources in your organization.

Configurable setup of mail notifications and alarms on tasks, no matter if the tasks are:

  • Completed on time, completed too late og completet earlier than expected
  • Progress is too slow, exceeds the deadline or the scheduled hours etc.
  • The tasks are about to start, not on time, started too late etc.

Create your own project portfolio, work with the organization’s project portfolios or create portfolio based on criteria such as status, budget, customers etc. and assign types/categories to the projects.

Work in the social Gantt diagram on portfolio level avoid hopping in and out of tools and files to manage projects across the organization.


Configurable project reporting

Several built-in reporting tools for reporting project status, project economy, and progress reports. Either on the individual project, on selected projects or on portfolio level.

  • Configurable reporting for internal/external use
  • Create your own report templates
  • Create reports in PDF, HTML or Excel
  • Make reports on project level or portfolio level
  • Export data directly to CSV or XML

Resource allocation

Resource allocation and portfolio management makes it easier for the project manager and the department manager to illustrate and account for scarce resources and can be used for a discussion of re-prioritization of received projects.

  • Identify the scarce resources
  • Change tasks, resource allocation and double bookings
  • Display resources for the individual project or the resource across projects in the organization
  • Show conflicts and overlapping on tasks.

Ressource Management

File and document sharing

Save documents in online folders and share them with other users or external contacts. Work with document comments, version management, locking files for editing or use review functions. Get proper and intuitive access management on your documents and files and notices when new versions are added or changes made.

All your documents can be accessed via

  • E-mail clients (Microsoft Outlook/IBM Notes)
  • Mobile/tablet
  • Web browsers
  • Windows Explorer
  • Save your changes from MS Office or OpenOffice directly to communities, folders or your personal share
  • Link your files directly to the Gantt diagram
  • Link to your project templates
  • Link files to activity templates/check lists




Project room and communities

Manage and share files, bookmarks and discussion fora in communities and thereby manage the communication internally in a project team or a community of users.
Add or remove functions to communities depending on what the individual community needs.
Create external communities/project groups with collaboration partners and customers and give them access to the elements and files, you want.

Gather your project communication, files and project history in one place and avoid that the history is hidden in mailboxes or on the file server in a chaos of different versions.

In communities it is easy to add functions such as:

  • Wikis and handbooks
  • Activities, check lists and ”project templates”
  • Discussion fora
  • Poll about new ideas
  • Files/folders
  • Bookmarks
  • Media galleries

Work on the project directly from your mail client or web browser

By using plugins/widgets it is possible to work directly from your mail client:

  • Comment on files and tasks directly from the mail client
  • Mark a task as completed or with a percentage
  • Share files directly from the mail client
  • See issues, task alarms etc.
  • Set start/end dates

The ProjExec sidebar makes it possible to manage the progress directly from the mail client for both internal and external stakeholders. ProjExec can be used on MS Outlook and IBM Notes.



Everything on your mobile/tablet

Access all the functions of IBM Connections via your mobile or tablet. You can access everything – files, the activity stream and your communities.

Subscribe to selected files and automatically download the newest versions locally, e.g. brochures, instructions or presentations so you always have the newest versions when you are on the move.

The IBM Connections App is available for Android, iPad and iPhone.

ProjExec contains a mobile interface via web enabling you to work directly on the server from all mobiles phones/tablets.


The project manager’s growing challenges

Project teams today meet a growing pressure to complete more and more projects quicker and with quick changes. Projects are increasingly carried out across different locations, departments and national borders and they are subject to pressure from the market and rapid changes in demands and execution.

Therefore project managers are faced with challenged to increase the collaboration and maximize performance while still maintaining control and overview.

What exactly is happening …?!

Social project management goes further than traditional project management models by recognizing the fact that the project team only makes out a small part of a project environment – the entire organization, as well as external stakeholders are key if you want the tasks to be completed. Social project management builds onto the traditional project paradigm by making the project visible to all, both inside and outside the project team as well as facilitate smarter and more efficient collaboration forms and communication.

The sociale Gantt makes tracking and coordination of project portfolios easier and makes it possible to manage projects more strictly despite obligations that the team is met with as a consequence of the business’s strategic objectives. The sociale Gantt diagram is compatible with Microsoft Project and can also be used on its own. From the Gantt diagram the project manager can control a single or more projects concurrently and communicate directly with the employee responsible for a given tasks from inside the tool.

Ressource allocation and portfolio management makes it easier for the project manager or the department manager to illustrate and give an account of scarce resources and can be used in a discussion of re-prioritizing of new, incoming projects.

The project “activity stream” collects all project information, communications and files. Each project member can see the project’s progress and challenges and comment on possible solutions.

The advantages, in short:

  • Strict project and portfolio management
  • Document management, file sharing and version control
  • Resource management
  • Quick execution
  • Suited for small and large projects
  • Collect all project information in one place and avoid that knowledge is lost in mailboxes
  • Mobile access
  • Built-in configurable project reporting
  • Good business case – in proportion to investments in other project management tools
  • Get started quickly – in the cloud, private cloud, on-premise or as a hybrid solution
  • The possibility of an easy integration to CRM/ERP or other backend systems

Typically only project managers need the actual planning tools while others in the organization only need documents and activity and check lists. This makes the solution suited for both small and large projects and minimized the price compared to traditional project management tools. Only project managers and a few project team members need licenses to the actual project management tool while other stakeholders use the more inexpensive IBM Connections/Smartcloud licenses which still make them able to cooperate on tasks, documents etc. in a community.

External collaboration partners/customers outside the business have free licenses.

Today a range of businesses run projects in MS Excel or MS Project without e.g. a Microsoft Project Server. With IBM Connections/Smartcloud and Trilog ProjExec you work from the same Gantt diagram in real time and share the same versions of documents and files.


  • Unlimited number of projects/communities with file sharing, version management and knowledge sharing
  • Functions via a web browser, plug-ins for mail clients and mobile Apps
  • Integration with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Project
  • Social Gantt diagrams
  • Personal portfolio management
  • Project dashboards
  • Integration with your mail system
  • Project templates
  • Change Management
  • Issue Management
  • Resource management
  • Financial management
  • Configurable reporting to internals/externals
  • Advanced workflow and alarms
  • Access control
  • Simple web services and extensive API for easy integration with your back-end systems and ERP
  • Single sign on

The solution is available as on-premise, private cloud or via IBM Smartcloud.
We offer a complete “Get started” project with licenses and consultancy.

ProjExec is found in two versions

ProjExec is found in two versions that offer a modular architecture and are supported on a number of platforms to fulfill the needs in a company of any gives size and type.

ProjExec Express

ProjExec Express – important planning, tracking and project management tools and a project wall that umproblematically integrates with IBM Connections or IBM SmartCloud for Social Business.

Complete with social and activated pull & drop Gantt diagrams, cross project/multiple project support with alarms, dashboard, project portfolios and much more. ProjExec Express comes with 5 connectors as standard:

  • Sidebars for Microsoft Outlook\IBM Notes & iNotes
  • Calendar connector integrates project tasks for with the IBM Notes calendar
  • Mobil connector til iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Nokia og Windows-telefon
  • IBM Sametime connector til presence awareness og realtids projektkommunikation (on -premise)

ProjExec Enterprise

ProjExec Enterprise er et komplet professionelt social projekt management- og samarbejdsværktøj. Her finder du alle funktionerne i Express-udgaven plus fem moduler, som giver dig et kraftfuldt projektledelsels- og rapporteringsværktøj. Du får med de fem moduler:

  • Issue Management
  • Change Management
  • Mobil connector to iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Nokia and Windows phones
  • Time Management
  • Configurable reporting
  • Financial Management


Integration and plugins

Desktop plug-ins for Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office
Use IBM Connections Desktop Plug-ins for Microsoft Windows and share files and information between Microsoft Windows applications and IBM Connections.

Microsoft Outlook

IBM® Connections Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook is an Outlook email sidebar application that gives an easy, full access to IBM Connections contents. You can cooperate on files or share communication in communities directly from the client.

Microsoft Sharepoint
The integration with Microsoft Sharepoint is easy to make, either via Plugins, Widgets, or both.

IBM Connections Plug-in for Microsoft Sharepoint

Is designed to improve Microsoft Sharepoint with more features and collaboration tools through the integration with IBM Connections.

IBM Connections Widget for Microsoft SharePoint

Enables you to access files and documents in Microsoft Sharepoint from the inside of an IBM Connections Community.

IBM Notes

BM Connections integrates in several ways with IBM Connections. Either via a direct setup in the mail client (embedded experience)or via IBM Connections Notes plugin.
The integration enables you to work with files status updates, activities and business cards directly from IBM Notes.

IBM Connections pluginet for Apache OpenOffice enables you to work with files, communities and status updates directly from the OpenOffice editor.
IBM Fileviewer Plugin
IBM fileviewer plugin is a projector for IBM Connections files/documents directly from the web browser. This product enables you to see/print, play a presentation and zoom in on uploaded files without having to download the files.

IBM Docs
IBM Docs is a portfolio of online editing software that gives you the possibility of creating text, spreadsheets and presentation documents. Several users can edit and work on the same document at the same time and see comments and reviews in real time in the document. IBM docs is browser based and works with all larger Internet browsers. IBM Docs is deeply integrated with IBM Connections and makes it easy to share and manage files and versions. IBM Docs also contains a mobile app for iPad that makes it possible to edit directly from your iPad.