The Company

Connect2Cloud is owned by Sander Software. Sander Software is a development and consulting business. We primarily work with software from IBM and Microsoft. We have worked on some of Denmark’s largest IT installations and have great experience in understanding complex problems within system administration and application development. We also advice businesses on picking the right solution and technologies.

We are characterized by the will and urge to solve the problems that we meet through our customers and partners. In addition, our employees are obstinate and have professional pride which means that we never give up. Therefore, we often solve problems that have made other consulting businesses give up.

We take responsibility and we always challenge our customers to achieve the best results with them.

Quick facts

  • Founded 1999.
  • Office in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Servicing customers from 25 -12.000 users.
  • Servicing customers in Europe, United States and Asia.
  • We are not religious around software. We work with both IBM and Microsoft products where it gives most benefits for our clients
  •  AAA Rating  three years in a row.

Børsen Gazelle in 2011, 2012 og 2013

We have become part of an exclusive group of Danish companies, which since 1995 have been appointed gazelle companies by the Danish business newspaper Børsen. The definition “Gazelle” is today part of the Danish language as a synonym for growing businesses. In short, the definition of a gazelle: A company that over the past four years has had continuous growth in revenue or gross profit and overall has more than doubled its turnover or gross profit in the period. We were appointed gazelle 3 years in succession: 2011, 2012 and 2013.

In fact we ranked 22 in Region Zealand in 2011!

Senior Management

What are our goals?

Our vision
We want to be your preferred business partner within the following areas:
  • It operation services.
  • It architecture.
  • Social Business Software
  • Migration analyses and migrations.
  • Project management and project management tools.
  • Software development.

Our objective
We provide professional and effective consulting services every single time.